National Animal Welfare Conference 16-18 October 2015

The PAES National Animal Welfare Conference has now taken place. Read about our first successful conference in this news article: First National Animal Welfare Conference leads to closer cooperation.


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16 – 18 OCTOBER 2015


Learn. Grow. Connect. See the lifesaving changes taking place across the country and feel confident that you can bring them back to pets in shelters and with rescue groups in your hometown. The best-of-the-best experts all converge at the PAES National Animal Welfare Conference to share their ideas and expertise: leaders of the no-kill movement, experts in animal care and behaviour, marketing and fundraising experts, professionals from private and public animal welfare organizations, and more.


Trap, Neuter and Return Campaigns

(For those who would like to learn more about running their own TNR Campaigns)

Trap, neuter and return campaigns are a great way to keep down the stray population. Learn how other animal welfare associations operate this type of project. There will be lots of opportunity for questions and answers both at the main seminar and in break-out sessions. Learn effective ways to target your spay/neuter efforts, save the animals most at risk, and jump-start your fundraising, marketing and PR. Plus, connect with other animal advocates and share ideas for saving more lives.


(Shelter, sanctuary or rescue group volunteers, foster pet parents)

As a volunteer, you are truly a hero to homeless pets. Thank you for giving your time, love and energy to the animals. This conference will give you plenty of ideas for taking your talents to the next level — helping you to increase your knowledge, gain valuable new skills, and make connections. You can attend sessions on topics ranging from social media to marketing adoptable pets to animal care and behaviour. From this conference, you’re sure to take home the tools and inspiration to make an even bigger difference.

Animal Lovers Who Want to Get Involved

(Anyone who loves animals and wants to help them)

Exploring volunteer opportunities with a shelter or rescue group? This conference is a great place to start. You will be amazed at how many skills you already have that can help save lives. Whether you’re interested in hands-on animal care, marketing, fundraising, or just learning more about the animal welfare field, you’ll find sessions tailored to your interests and experience level.


PAES – What it can do for you
Staying Within the Law
European Microchip Database
Empowerment for Success
Keeping Safe/Knowing Your Boundaries
Engaging & Valuing Your Volunteers
Education in Schools and/or Canine Assisted Therapy
The Importance of TRACES
The Link – Animal Abuse and Interpersonal Violence
Galgos & Podencos in Spain
Animal Fellows & Zooplus
Worldwide Veterinary Service & Sterilisation Campaigns
TNR of Cats – The Spanish Experience
Realities of Running a Shelter
Communicating Your Cause/Marketing & PR Tips
The Importance of Technical Veterinary Reports – Denuncias/Núcleo Zoológico
The Police & Animal Welfare

Click here to download and print your copy of the Conference Schedule: Weekend at a Glance


Jill Sylvester

Jill SylvesterWhen I was going through troubled times, I was fortunate enough to have great support. This led me to become a Samaritan Counsellor in England, so that I in turn could perhaps support others less fortunate than myself.

As a Samaritan I learned that if people didn’t have good relationships, especially with those they care about, then life simply didn’t seem good enough.

My personal progression was to train with Relate, giving me more positive skills to support others in their relationships.

I have found the work very fruitful not only for myself but also for those who choose to seek support in making positive changes in their lives.

Over my past eighteen years of Counselling, I too have developed my skills and now work within many other challenging areas of life, including Mental Health.

Value and respect are keywords for me in both my work and for those who seek my support. I am looking forward to speaking about keeping safe and knowing your boundaries as a volunteer.

Pedro José Moratalla Moratalla
Pedro José Moratalla Moratalla Pedro José Moratalla Moratalla has a degree in Computer Systems Engineering. He is involved in environmental and animal welfare issues, issues on which he has received training over time and has continually joined different national and international volunteering programmes. Pedro joined the Local Police of Castellón de la Plana in September 1997 and since then he has developed different positions at the Police Units of Traffic, Public Safety and Emergency Service. In 2012 he presented a draft project proposal to set up a specialised unit on environmental and animal welfare issues which was approved. The new unit, initially called Blue Patrol (now UPROMA – Environmental & Animal Welfare Protection Unit), under Pedro’s management, started working at the very beginning of January 2013 and he remains at its head today.

Amalia Melendreras Montesinos

IMG_5044 I am a veterinary specialist in:

Internal medicine of pets
Abused animals rescuer
President of the Rescue Association MARA

I am a veterinary specialist in internal medicine of pets, although I am also a court expert witness for matters of animal and food safety.

Currently, I am president of the animal rescue association MARA in Mula, Murcia and I also have a veterinary clinic for dogs and cats. In the mornings I work in the Veterinary College, where I manage the SIAMU database and the Official Rabies Campaign.

During my life I have worked with wildlife, with cows and pets. In the little spare time that I get, I help to rescue abused animals (not only dogs and cats but also horses, goats, lambs, birds, etc.) with the lawyer, Rachel Lopez Teruel, and other veterinarians and volunteers, with the help of the Guardia Civil.

Aldo Alcaraz Diaz de Liano

Aldo Alcaraz Diaz ADEBorn in Barcelona in 1986, Aldo studied and worked as a motorcycle mechanic, until he decided to change his job in 2010 for something more fulfilling on a personal level.

Throughout his life he has been in contact with the horse world from the perspective of the protection of these animals and has been part of ADE, the first protector of horses in Spain founded in 2001 by Leonor Diaz de Liano, due to the need for action because of the high rate of abandonment and mistreatment of horses in society. This work has given Aldo extensive experience and knowledge of horses, in addition to several courses of natural horsemanship and equine treatment.

He became an animal rights activist.

He has been a resident worker at the ADE shelter since 2010 and is responsible for the area of ​​large animals, directing and managing the volunteers and participating in rescues and talk.

Aldo is a collaborator in the APDA (Police for Animals) programme, helping to train of members of the police forces in Spain on large animal ethology and techniques for managing them.

Director of “Prevenció i Rescat en Emergències Animals PIREA” programme which interevenes in disaster situations, such as forest fires, where animals need to be rescued or treated to prevent possible negligence and ignorance on the part of caregivers/volunteers, horse farms.

Dr. Núria Querol Viñas
Nuria Querol i Vinas
Dr. Núria Querol Viñas is a Cell & Genetics Biologist and a Medical Doctor specialized in Family Medicine, Primary Care Pediatrics and Family Violence, working at the Catalan Institute of Health in Martorell (Barcelona). She has also followed training in criminology and criminal profiling (including training with the FBI, The New Scotland Yard and the NSA) with special interest in animal abuse, psychopathy and interpersonal violence. She took part in the first research projects in Spain (2003) in animal abuse and psychopathy and animal abuse and family violence led by fellow expert in psychopathy Dr Cuquerella and world renowned expert Dr Frank Ascione. She is the representative of the Council of Medical Associations at the National Comission Against Gender Violence of the Catalonian Government and the Municipal Comission of Martorell.
She is a representative of the National Link Coalition, the Director of GEVHA, The Observatory of Violence Against Animals and the IberoAmerican Link Coalition. She serves as Advisory Board Member at the National Law Enforcement Center on Animal Abuse of the National Sheriff’s Association and in the Board of Directors of NCOVAA (The National Coalition On Violence Against Animals, USA) as well as the FBI- UCR/NBRIS Animal Abuse Working Group.
She is a member of the American Society of Criminology, Div. Critical Criminology and serves at the board of directors of the Global Forensic Alliance and The International Academy of Forensic Investigators (Academia Internacional de Investigadores Forenses). Dr. Querol is an honorary member of the Fundación Altarriba and APDA, Policías por los Animales.
Dr. Querol is also an associate professor at Autonomous University of Barcelona (she teaches The Link at the Antrozoology Diploma at the Medical School) and University of Barcelona (she teaches at the Master on Criminal Investigation at Law School).
She has been interview as a matter expert for the upcoming documentary filmed in the US on the link “THE DEADLY LINK”
“In a violent family, anyone can be a victim, including the family dog or cat. Violent acts are not separate or distinct – they develop in similar patterns and have similar characteristics.”

The Deadly Link

Juan Antonio Ferrer
Juan Photo
Juan is married with two children
Policia Local since 2005
(in Alcantarilla, Murcia from 2008 until now)
Studied at the International University of Rioja

Juan’s presentation will focus on the responsibility of the Policia Local in the protection and ownership of pets.
The development of public safety policies to implement these skills.
And he will discuss some of the cases of animal abuse and neglect that he has dealt with whilst with the Policia Local in Alcantarilla, Murcia.

Sònia Pujol
Sonia APDA

Police Officer with Cos Mossos d’Esquina (Catalan Autonomous Police), and previously a veterinary technical assistant.
Sonia has been an Animal Rights Activist since she was 14 years old and, since then, she has been a volunteer at animal shelters and sanctuaries, as well as participating in the management of various colonies of cats.

Founder and President of the APDA (Association for Animal Protection Police), non-governmental entity and non-profit. APDA is a pioneering partnership to offer training courses to different state security bodies on animal abuse and its impact on society. The Guardia Urbana de Barcelona, Zaragoza Local Police and the Catalan Institute of Public Security (Police School of Catalunya), for example, are some of the places where this training has been provided.

The objectives of APDA are to:

– Unify police standards on animal abuse
– Provide training for the different police forces of the State
– Development of police protocols
– Encourage policies on animal protection
– Advice to citizens and animal protection organizations through specific RRSS and free workshops on how to proceed in cases of animal abuse
– Promote the multidisciplinary work and Coordination Services
– Promote the creation of specialized units in animal abuse
– To publicize the impact of animal abuse in the family (Gender Violence/Domestic Violence) and from thereon in all related areas (health, police, veterinary, protective, social services …)

Founder and President of ADEFAN (Association for the Defence of Animals) created in 2000, and since 2005, bringing their Humane Education project to 12 schools and institutions of Catalonia, in addition to various activities and workshops for all age groups and children’s events.

Director of Freedom Paws Link. FPL is the Host Program Animal Victims of Violence pioneer in Spain which advises and manages the cases of gender or domestic violence in which animals are also involved.

Complaints Department Director ADE (Equine Defence Association)

Member of CELET (Canine Encounters Law Enforcement Training)

Member of the Advisory Committee of the NSA (National Sheriff’s Association)

APDA – Police for Animals
“To serve and protect all creatures

Beryl BrennanBeryl & galga pup, Cordoba
Passionate about animals all her life, especially horses and dogs, Beryl has always supported action against cruelty, helped rescues and rehabilitation in many ways, including adopting rescued animals and fundraising for many of the associations which work in this field.

She has used her experience of working in the media to highlight the appalling annual massacre of the Galgos and Podencos in Spain and the Canary Islands through the medium of the Internet and her weblogs.

Veterinarian Practitioner (companion animals) near Liège in Belgium in a Clinic with 6 colleagues.

Involved in electronic Identification and Registration since 1990 with the Non profit making association called “ID Chips asbl” in Belgium.

Founding member of “Europetnet asbl” in 2000 which is also an NPO. This Association is a group of various databases all over Europe.

Michel is also involved in wild birds identification (eg.peregrine falcons) to protect them from thieves.

Antoinette Van Toorenenbergen
BSc in Animal Husbandry, MSc in Agribusiness Management. Qualified Dog Trainer and Canine Assisted Therapy.

For 10 years working with local schools in teaching children about awareness of animals. Also developed and participated in canine assisted therapy programmes in conjunction with organisations like Apandis and Buen camino in Lorca, and Afemac in Aguilas.

Owner of Animal Hotel in Aguilas, top quality boarding kennels for cats and dogs. Working closely with many animal charities to aid in rescue and rehoming. Living with her husband and their two children.

Raquel López Teruel
Lawyer specialising and working solely in animal law (animal rights and welfare).

Raquel’s law firm, DEANIMALS (DEFENCE OF ANIMALS) is based in Murcia, but she handles cases in various cities around Spain.

Raquel’s role involves liaison with the police, welfare associations and animal professionals in general, and she has undergone considerable specialist training for this role, which encompasses all types of legal situations, including:

  • Denuncias against pet owners
  • Defence of animal welfare associations
  • Legal advisor on animal law to owners, animal welfare associations, police, administration, etc.
  • Specialist in Denuncias in respect of abused animals

Raquel has been instrumental in closing down a building and rescuing 21 maltreated horses in Callosa, closure of 4 buildings in Bullas and rescuing 100 abused animals, as well as rescuing 38 maltreated horses in Mula. These are just a few examples of the work that she does and she currently has open cases in Toledo, Alicante, Sevilla, Valencia and Murcia which denounce animal abuse.

Mandy Marshall

Mandy Marshall
Founder Member and Treasurer of San Animal Santuario, a registered dog and cat rescue charity in Aguilas, Spain. Responsible for local feral cat sterilisation programme, and cat rehoming. Lives with husband Andy, three dogs and a lot of cats. Professional background in corporate management and logistics. Director of an international consulting business with an office in London.

Animal Fellows – Gerard Baert
Gerard lives with José, dog and two cats in Breda Holland. For nearly 20 years he worked as a self-employed entrepreneur with a practice in consulting in mortgages, pensions and insurance. Now, he is a partner in sustainable project development and works as a volunteer on the animal ambulance. In addition, he is the founder of Foundation Animal Fellows.

Foundation Animal Fellows is founded on 31 December 2014. We receive, via Zooplus, food and non-food products which we distribute free under the affiliated fellows. Animal aid organisations that want to make use of our services can be included by means of an agreement.

Dr Dagmar Mayer – Worldwide Veterinary Service
Dagmar Mayer

Dagmar studied veterinary medicine in Munich, graduating in 2002. After finishing her postgraduate doctorate in 2004 she spent 6 years in the UK working as a vet in small animal practices and out of hours emergency clinics around the country.

Since 2009 Dagmar has worked as a volunteer on several veterinary projects in Europe, Africa and Asia and was also part of the teaching staff during the first training program of Indian vets at the WVS International Training Centre in Ooty. In 2013 she was senior veterinary co-ordinator in preparation for and during the launch of Mission Rabies, spending over 3 months in India.

For the last 4 years Dagmar tried to find a balance between her job as a freelancing vet in Germany and working as often as possible on charitable projects, providing veterinary care and free sterilisations for animals who would otherwise never see a vet in their lifetime. The decision to start the job as International Veterinary Manager was very easy as she is now able to support animals all over the world on a daily basis.

Alexandra Panayotou
Alex P 2
Alexandra Panayotou is a charismatic motivational speaker and executive coach, who works in personal and professional development. Her insight into and her understanding of the human process are developed from her outstanding success as an endurance athlete, combined with her academic background in psychology and philosophy. Alex regularly presents to and works with leading executives of top global business organisations, including, Danone, Telefonica, Coca-Cola, IESE Business School.

An example that it’s never too late to start afresh, Alex began running at 30 and in 4 years of self-training reached championship level: 2nd in the Barcelona Marathon and 4th in the Greek championships. After winning many races, she began running solo ultra-challenges for charity. Her last and final extreme solo running challenge was running 400 km almost non-stop (sleeping only 5 hours during the 76.5 hour challenge).

She achieved all her 13 challenges – one of the few athletes in the world who have never abandoned a challenge or race. She has achieved physical and mental feats that few people are capable of. During her athletic career Alex developed a strong base of principles, values, and tools for overcoming obstacles and achieving goals. Her philosophy of Personal Excellence forms the foundation of all she does. She is currently working on her 2nd book.

Her methods for success are easily applicable to all areas of life – business, personal, and leisure. Her executive development programs not only deal with the development of executives as individuals and leaders, but also provide all the key secrets and tools for long-term executive success and endurance.

You can’t choose what happens to you in life, but you can choose to face it all with a positive attitude!

Barry Caulfield
Barry Caulfield
Current President of the Society for the Care of Animals in Need – S.C.A.N.

SCAN is a non-profit organisation, based entirely on Volunteers. SCAN receives no formal funding and is self financing. SCAN is a Registered Charity.

Barry is retired from professional and commercial life in the U.K. where he was a senior Board Director of one of the UK´s oldest and largest Assurance companies. He has brought his commercial and professional skills to the management of SCAN

He is passionate about Animal Welfare.

The Charity is based in El Verger in Alicante. SCAN offers rescue, support and care to Abandoned and Maltreated Cats and Dogs. The Charity started in a very small way, but in October 2012 opened a purpose built Centre for Animals in El Verger. The Centre is a fully Accredited Nucleo Logico site

The philosophy behind SCAN is integration, collaboration and co-ordination with local Municipal, Law Enforcement, Veterinary and Village organisations.

Since opening the new Centre in October 2012 the SCAN has rescued in excess of 780 animals and successfully rehomed in excess of 690, current adoption rates are approximately averaging around 88 %. Adoptions take place throughout Europe with Adoptions also taking place in the USA.

SCAN operates a no – kill policy

Barry will talk about the reality of running a proactive and busy Animal Centre. 0034 626550864

Linda Richardson
I started my travel industry career in the Customer Relations Department of British Caledonian – so you can tell it was a while ago! Spending all day answering customer complaint letters certainly gives you a way with words!

My husband and I started our own travel representation and public relations company in 1979. We worked with some of the greatest companies and organisations in travel and tourism, from North America to Australasia, for over thirty years.

Over fifteen years ago I joined the Board of the Visit USA Association. The Board of Directors of Visit USA has been the key to keeping alive the USA Travel Industry while the country itself has had no National tourism office; from the time the USTTA was disbanded until just two years ago; and indeed through the toughest time our industry ever faced. I was Vice Chair at the time of 911 and became Chair some six months after the tragedy at a time when the North American tourism industry was in real crisis.

One of my proudest moments was hosting Mayor Rudi Giuliani, accompanied by the New York Fire Chief, to an Association breakfast at the London Marriott. Another was welcoming then Florida Governor and now Presidential candidate, Jebb Bush, to an event at the US Ambassadors home in Regents Park.

I was a founder member, along with the Chairs of Visit USA Germany and Italy, of Visit USA Europe who stand today as a strong organisation in its own right with members from every major European country.

On my retirement and move to Spain I was presented with a ‘Certificate of Appreciation for Achievement in Trade’ by the US Department of Commerce.

Since arriving in Spain almost ten years ago I have done PR work for several charities………a cancer charity, a children’s charity and now some work with ACTIN and Cruz Azul. It is work I love because clear communication of the true facts of any issue is so important.

Sue Thomason
Sue Thomason 2
Sue spent over thirty years working in the retail industry and has a wealth of team management experience, which she has applied to her charity work since arriving in Spain. Her first task was to set up a retail outlet for a cancer charity, where her experience rolling out new branches for a major supermarket chain was invaluable.

Sue has a passion and compassion for animals and in 2013, together with Lyn Baines, formed Cruz Azul Para Mascotas in San Javier, Murcia. Their main fundraising activity is their donation centre, managed by Sue, which produces much-needed funds for their work with the pets of people facing financial difficulty.

The charity continues to go from strength to strength, promoting responsible pet ownership and care, as well as carrying out cat TNR campaigns and encouraging sterilisation, vaccination and microchipping of all pets. Cruz Azul has also played a key role in the formation of the PAES Project.

Sue will provide an insight into what makes a good volunteer team and how to keep them.


PAES (Protección Animales España) has been developed by the ACTIN Association with the aim of integrating associations, protectoras, animalistas, government, authorities and professionals or companies interested in animal welfare so that, by working together, we can make a real difference in improving the welfare and treatment of animals in Spain. Our aim is to provide a Legal Group, Veterinarian Group and, eventually, our own Rescue Centre, to co-ordinate fostering with the various local rescue charities. This will enable us to monitor dogs and pass them as fit, before they are released to foster homes and, eventually, their forever homes. To find out more about PAES, please visit the About page on this website.


The Conference starts on Friday, 16 October at 09.00 h and ends on Sunday, 18 October at 12.00 h

Conference registration includes:

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• Forum discussions and workshop sessions

• Exhibition Space

• Welcome reception on Friday evening


Conference Registration

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