About PAES



PAES (Protección Animales España) is a project that has been developed by the ACTIN Association with the aim of bringing together associations, protectoras, animalistas, government, authorities and professionals or companies interested in animal welfare so that, by working together, we can make a real difference in improving the welfare and treatment of animals in Spain.

Our aim is to provide a Legal Group, Veterinarian Group and, eventually, our own Rescue Centre, to co-ordinate fostering with the various local rescue charities. This will enable us to monitor dogs and pass them as fit, before they are released to foster homes and, eventually, their forever homes.

The beginning

Currently Actin are working closely with San Animal and Cruz Azul all associations local to the Murcia area, who are creating some great initiatives and programs to educate and promote the importance of sterilising companion animals. To begin with, sterilisation will be the main focus of the project, but as we gain more support there will be many other aspects to this project to promote animal welfare in Spain.

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The PAES project needs other associations to join us in this effort, as together there will be more impact. It is time to stand together to make changes for animals in Spain.

If your Association is interested in joining our project please contact us.

We also need financial support for this project and donations will be vital in allowing us to set up the sterilisation campaigns, support the vets and educate people that sterilisation is a good thing.

Please visit our donations page if you can help with a donation, there are also options to set up a regular donation via paypal in the panel on the right of this page. Businesses can become sponsors of PAES and will have their business logo and website link included on our website, please contact us for more information about this.